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It is tempting to save money on accountants’ fees and to complete your tax return yourself. However unless your tax is deducted by PAYE then the tax rules can be difficult to understand. Are you claiming all of the allowances that you are entitled to? Are you claiming too much?

I can help you get your tax return right first time and protect you against a potentially costly HM Revenue & Customs enquiry.

For director / shareholder individuals I can cut your tax bill by tax planning, tailored to your individual circumstances. For example, by setting appropriate levels of dividend and pension payments you may be able to avoid paying higher rate tax on your self assessment income.

For employed individuals a tapered reduction in the pension annual allowance of £40,000 applies to those with employment income in excess of £110,000. Without proper planning an annual allowance tax charge, at the highest marginal rate of tax, may become payable. 

For businesses approaching the VAT threshold or VAT registered companies I can advise you on registration or file your VAT returns. VAT rules can be complex and I will ensure that you are accounting for your VAT correctly and on time.

Finally I can advise you on Inheritance Tax, CIS, Capital Gains Tax and PAYE and negotiate with HMR&C on your behalf.